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Interstate driving tips to help you stay safe

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Interstates make it possible to drive long distances in a shorter time than it would take to drive on city streets. The higher speeds and the basic setup of interstates mean that drivers have to be extra cautious while they’re driving. 

It takes the help of everyone driving to keep the interstates safe. There are some very specific things that drivers can do to enhance the chance of making it to their destination. 

Prepare yourself

Only drive if you’re mentally and physically able to do so. Drivers must not drive while they’re drunk, fatigued or distracted because of the risk of crashing. Long drives on the interstate are common. While you’re on a trip that will last more than a few hours, plan to take a safety stop every couple of hours. 

Merge carefully

Pinch points occur when traffic is trying to merge. Everyone should have an opportunity to merge onto the interstate safely, so watch carefully for merging traffic if you’re in a lane that other vehicles need to get into. You can also increase safety by using your turn signals when you’re changing lanes. 

Stay safe in traffic jams

Traffic may slow down sometimes on the interstate. Make sure that you always stay vigilant. Even when traffic isn’t moving, you still need to watch what’s going on so that you don’t crash.

Even if you’re driving safely, there’s a chance that another driver might not be as safe as you. Negligent drivers can cause wrecks. Anyone who’s struck by another driver on the interstate may suffer from serious injuries, which can lead to considerable medical expenses. Seeking compensation for the financial damages is possible, but you only have a limited time to act because of limits set in North Carolina law.