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Guiding You Through Your Personal Injury Claim

No one believes that a severe injury will become a part of their life. If it has happened to you, though, you know how much time, money, effort and pain an injury consumes. You deserve to have an attorney on your side during this complicated situation who can serve as your guide.

At Law Office of Jacob Goad, you can rely on me to stand up for your rights, explain the process coherently and recover maximum compensation for your damages. I care about helping you for the long term. Because I speak fluent Spanish, I can assist you if you are a Spanish speaker who speaks English as a second language.

What Is The Personal Injury Claims Process Like?

After you have received medical treatment, you have the option of pursuing a personal injury claim. This means that your attorney provides formal demands to the insurance company of the person or company at fault for your accident. Your lawyer will estimate the value of your damages – for example, lost wages, medical bills, loss of earning potential and automotive repairs.

The insurance company typically offers a settlement of a lump sum. If the offer is fair, you can accept it. If not, your attorney will negotiate for a better settlement. In some instances, it is necessary to file a lawsuit in court to make the insurer pay the full amount that you need.

What Does An Injury Claim Cover?

It is very important that your settlement or award cover all your damages. In the legal world, damages refer to monetary compensation for another party’s breach of your rights. Some common examples of damages in injury claims include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Ambulance trips
  • Car repairs
  • Other property damage
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Doctor appointments
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Burial and funeral costs in fatal accidents

Everyone’s accident is different. The value of a claim involving permanent damage from a head injury or paralysis, for example, is usually higher than other claims. Your damages might be much greater or lower than another person’s damages. To have a better idea of your damages and what your claim might be worth, you should sit down with me for an in-depth conversation.

What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Insurance providers usually try to deny perfectly valid claims. If they can’t find a reason to deny it, they will offer you a much lower settlement than you need and might try to defer paying it. They have fleets of powerful attorneys on their side to do everything in their power to avoid paying claims.

I have seen this firsthand when representing my clients. The best way to recover the full compensation that you deserve is to have your own lawyer. I understand the legal jargon that insurers use, so I know whether they are trying to take advantage of you. With me on your side, you can be sure that you receive a fair offer.

For My Legal Guidance, Schedule A Consultation

I will be your ally against the powerful insurance companies when you are navigating a personal injury claim. When you are ready, reach out to Law Office of Jacob Goad to discuss how I can help you. To schedule a confidential consultation, please call my Durham office at 919-944-4669 or send me an email.