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The 3 main types of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Distracted driving can happen in many different ways, and people often consider specific examples. For instance, someone who has an unrestrained pet in the car may become distracted when that pet begins moving around or trying to interact with them. Someone who has their phone out may be distracted by an incoming text message.

But the fact of the matter is that there are three main categories for distracted driving, as listed by the CDC. They are as follows:

Manual distractions

Letting go of the steering wheel and the car’s controls for any reason is known as a manual distraction. An example could be reaching to pick up a cellphone that is ringing. This reduces control over the vehicle and it makes a crash more likely.

Visual distractions

Looking away from the road is also a distraction, even for those who are still holding the wheel. Perhaps the most common example is looking down at a cellphone to write a text message, but even something like reading a billboard could technically be a distraction.

Mental distractions

Often called cognitive distractions, these are just things that take your mind off of driving and the task that you are attempting to perform. These are often much harder to spot. A driver who is holding the wheel with both hands and looking at the road may appear to be attentive, but they could actually be daydreaming and not paying any attention to traffic around them.

If you’ve been hit by any of these types of distracted drivers and suffered severe injuries, be sure you understand what legal options you have to seek compensation.