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Injured Construction Laborers Deserve A Voice At The Table

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, North Carolina is home to over 22,000 construction companies and nearly 7.2 million construction workers. Construction workers represent a huge part of our community, and they deserve fair treatment under the law.

Hi. I’m attorney Jacob Goad. After spending years working with Durham’s Hispanic communities, I know that construction work is often a vital economic pathway for families. The risks involved, however, can leave hard-working, deserving construction laborers and their families struggling to make ends meet. I use my experience and legal knowledge to stand up for your rights in workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Can Be A Legal Tangle

Because construction sites have so much equipment and multiple companies and contractors, any worker injury can quickly involve multiple insurance companies, claimants and other interested parties.

For instance, an injury from a malfunctioning tool can involve the construction company, the developer, the tool manufacturer and any company that maintains or repairs the equipment. Another example may be a truck accident on site that causes an injury. This may leave the injured person’s employer, the driver and the trucking company fighting over liability.

These situations can quickly escalate, leading to insurance companies trying to pass off blame among one another and an injured worker left in legal limbo. I fight to keep your case on track and focused on what really matters: you.

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