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High risk of injuries in the welding industry

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Worker's Compensation

Welders are exposed to various hazards during a work shift. The rate of injuries in this profession is around 1,000 per 100 million hours worked. The rate of injuries for welders is approximately 100 times that of the average across the nation for other professions. While many of these are minor injuries, there are some that are fatal. 

Being able to keep the risks to a minimum takes a multifaceted approach. Employers must ensure that welders have the proper safety gear, training and equipment. The onus is on the employer to provide a safe working environment for welders. 

What types of injuries might welders face?

One of the most common injuries that welders have to deal with is burns. These are common because of the high temperatures, sparks and flying particles. Thermal burns and electrical burns are possible. Some of these might not be serious, but treatment is always a good idea. 

Another common injury is one to the eye. Dust is a byproduct of welding and there are bright lights. Wearing proper eye protection is crucial for welders. In some cases, welders can suffer from temporary blindness because of the light flashes that occur when they’re welding. 

Welders deserve a safe working environment, but they also deserve to have access to proper medical care if they’re injured. Workers’ compensation is one way that they can get this. There are times when they might not be able to get the benefits they’re due so they should be prepared to fight for them. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters is beneficial.