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Watch where you step the next time you’re working

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Worker's Compensation

There are all sorts of jobs that involve nails — not the things at the end of your fingers, but the metal spikes used in carpeting or woodwork. You may just work around nails or they may be your main tool for work. 

You know nails aren’t always easy to keep track of. So take a look where you put your foot down when you notice nails coming out of floorboards. When one ends up lodged in the bottom of your shoes, it can prove deadly – and not just toward your job. Here’s what you should watch for:

Puncture wounds in the workplace 

If you find a nail punctured through the rubber sole of your foot then you should seek immediate treatment for your wounds. Removing the nail can be the easy part – it’s forgetting to care for and maintain the wound that can prove fatal.

Without the proper medical care, any injury can worsen to the point of no return. A puncture wound from a nail could become infected and lead to serious or permanent damage that would affect how you live and work.

Even just the tiniest knick from a rusty nail can lead to a tetanus infection. You shouldn’t dismiss the signs of tetanus if you start to notice swelling, stiffness or body spasms. Sepsis and gangrene are also possible.

Even the recovery process from a puncture wound can be troubling. You may not be able to walk properly for weeks without assistance from a crutch or cane. Your wounds could even cause permanent damage that prevents you from working how you once did. 

If you were injured at a place of work, you should report your injuries immediately. You may be eligible to apply for workers’ compensation. If your claim doesn’t go as expected, make sure you find out more about your legal rights.