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How workers’ compensation protects injured employees

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Worker's Compensation

Getting hurt on the job doesn’t just disrupt your day. It can also mean that you need medical care and time off to recover. Some workers worry about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, but the program exists for a reason. 

Although many modern workers have health insurance, they have a high deductible to meet or co-insurance to pay if they need medical treatment. Going without work for several weeks may seem like an impossible hardship for your family. 

Thankfully, workers’ compensation helps address both of those issues for people who get hurt at their jobs. 

Medical benefits pay for all necessary care

Unlike health insurance, which passes costs to the patient, workers’ compensation provides 100% medical coverage. An approved claim will help someone receive all the necessary treatment for their condition at no cost to them. 

Disability benefits help pay the bills when someone can’t work

Workers’ compensation insurance also provides disability benefits. If you must miss multiple days of work, you may qualify for temporary total disability benefits. You could receive up to two-thirds of your wages until you are able to get back to work. You don’t need to use your paid time off to cover your time off of work. 

There are other benefits that are also available. If you have to take lower-paying work, you may qualify for ongoing benefits to supplement your income. Those who can never work again may be able to receive permanent disability benefits. 

Workers’ compensation is no-fault coverage that is there to help people who get hurt because they work to support themselves. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can protect you and help you get back to your job as quickly as possible.