Dedicated Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Attorney Jacob Goad

My Mission

When I started my career, I had the opportunity to help the underserved Spanish-speaking community in North Carolina. I quickly found success advocating for those who had been injured in work and car accidents.

After seeing the difference that quality legal representation made in the lives of my clients, I opened my firm, the Law Office of Jacob Goad, to make legal advocacy accessible to my community.

Whether you are an English or a Spanish speaker, I, attorney Jacob Goad, am here to help you make informed decisions and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Jacob Goad

Trusted Personal Injury And Workers’ Comp Attorney

Law Office of Jacob Goad

Trusted By Clients. Focused On Communication.

Whether you were hurt at work or in a car accident, dealing with an injury can be intimidating. Everything from missed wages to permanent lifestyle changes and medical treatment can become a concern. Trying to sort through these critical issues while dealing with the insurance company or an employer can easily become overwhelming.

As your lawyer, I am here to provide guidance and relief. I’ve found that trust is built with strong lines of communication through every step of the process. No matter what considerations you may have, I am there to advise you. Whether you are worried about paying for treatment or have concerns over your immigration status, I will answer your questions and make sure you have the information you need to seek recovery on your terms.

Know Your Options. Find The Right Path Forward.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Goad has been a tremendous help in assisting me with my personal injury case. Mr. Goad has kept me updated on every phase of my case. He provided me with the best knowledge and insight during each phase of my case. He is definitely THE person I will call on or refer to other people that need a personal injury lawyer. His professionalism is top-tier! He genuinely demonstrates his passion for his work and providing customers with the best satisfaction possible!


He was fantastic with my workers compensation case. Came to meet us right off the bat. Drove 50 miles one way to speak with me. Kept me informed and up to date with everything. Wasn’t a pushover and went straight after them for more than I thought possible. Asking what he could do for me and who he could speak with to better my care. He’ll take care of everything you need with minimal to no aggravation or travel involved. 5 stars and beyond.


Each case expressed in a testimonial contains a different set of facts. Favorable results in a previous case, does not guarantee that a comparable outcome will be achieved in a future case.

Dedicated Guidance Through Every Step Of The Process